Friday, August 8, 2014

School ? Fall ? Really?

The last few years, this part of August always seems to sneak up on me. School is around the corner, and I just feel like there were still so many things still on our summer bucket list. And lets be honest I'm not sure I"m getting around to them this year! One thing I will say as much as I love summer I love routine, and we are not good with routine in the summer. This fall will be a little different for us as we have chosen to have a few less activities for our kids so the crazy rush of sports will be a little less then normal. Truly I am conflicted about that but hopefully we can enjoy the fabulous fall of Western Pennsylvania a little more. That my goal anyway. The other goals? Well - those stay the same but I am going to laser focus. My weight loss Journey with Beachbody has been amazing, however I have been of track a bit and did not quite hit my original goals so I am energizing and hitting reset on my goals and I will hit them before the end of the year! Do you have goals you have put on hold all summer? Are you in need of a better routine? Lets do this together! Two and half years ago I decided to give at home workouts a try, I was skeptical, negative really, but now I'll never look back, and I became a coach to help you do exactly the same!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Teenager ~ I really do love you!

Sheer and utter honesty, its not often that I feel this way. Parenting a teen, a girl, and one that I want to keep from making all the same mistakes I did is hands down in the top 5 toughest experiences of my life. She's amazing, gorgeous if I do say so myself, has more talent in her baby finger then all of me combined, but she's a teenager. That maddening, coming of age, find my independence freedom and discover who you are (check back with me at 35 - cuz I'm still working on that part)and push back just because I can part of growing up that is maddening (yes I said it again) to pretty much every parent of a teen I encounter. Somedays, the sleep all day part of teenage life doesn't really bother me that much its a reprieve from whatever challenge of the day may come. And I again let me remind you she's a great kid the parenting part is just the biggest challenge in a parenting parade of age gaps with our three kids. Until this week. Our son is the middle child in elementary school and the age gaps are such in our house that he seems to be exempt from middle child syndrome, plus he is the only boy so attitude adjustments can be relatively simple things like, lets go play catch for 10 minutes and my sweet boy is back to he relatively laid back smiley self. Then we have the preschool daughter who is sweet and cuddly and worships at the feet of the ground that Mommy walks on, this week she has decided to have even worse sleeping patterns then her normal horrible sleeping patterns ( fear of storms, dark clouds and rain and it has been a cold rainy stormy summer) and cry about the feel size shape color temperature of her clothing, food, hair, toys, books etc. She has even cried about crying because she was so tired but then cried because she was going to bed. Those moments this week made me step back and really enjoy the conversations about life, love and hard work in the few quiet moments with my teenage daughter this week, because they were real life rational conversations that didn't require me to magically make the macaroni and cheese the perfect magical temperature that is neither to hot or to cold. I may even believe that While discussing song lyrics in the car I think she actually realized that I'm human and not just a mother robot! ha! So to all the mamas out there struggling with the teenage girl that was once a cuddly preschooler worshiping at your feet, just remember that they had challenging days then too, and it wasn't all cuddly sweet and rainbows (maybe mostly, but if we stop for just a moment the teenager may have those days too). ~ B

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christmas in July

Christmas is 5 months away. Crazy. This year is flying by, looking at my goals for the year I really need to lock down my exercise and eating to get to my goal for the year. How are you doing? I'm looking for a 5-7 men and woman ready to make a change. Make a difference in your life and start on a new journey. Perfect timing for our Christmas in July sale and Join our Challenge group starting on Monday August 11th !

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day mayhem

It's officially Mother's Day as I write. 

It will be a beautiful sunny day tomorrow and possibly Pinterest perfect for all the moms that perfectly prepare and  plan and post posed pictures. 

Pretty positive it won't be that way here.

Don't get me wrong ~ we will have a great day ~ my littlest has been planning all week, the 2 oldest were secretly creating projects behind closed doors which turned into a secret sleepover ~ which makes my soul happy because I know at least a little I've done something right and they love each other, at least for tonight. 

There will be no amazing photos - I've given up trying - the three age groups we have make every photo perfect for awkward family photo site. 

But it will still be a day like any other, and that's ok because it's another day I get to be their mom, another day I get to try and figure out this mothering thing to be better at it to help them become good humans. Because the ultimate goal is not to raise good kids right ? Childhood is fleeting ~ the goal is for them to become good people ~ to create a positive Influence on those around them. And even on the bad days with any luck and crap ton of prayer it will all sink in, the life lessons will be learned and they will know they are loved. 

I'm certain that my kids will fight about something tomorrow, because parenting a teenager trying to navigate her own life, a son who has hurt in his soul that I cannot control, and a preschooler that doesn't want to miss a minute of anything (unless of course it's sleep ) is sort of like being a superhero, if I could only find my cape or figure out which power is mine. 

The one thing I know for sure is that these three beautiful kids of mine were given to me/to us to do our best with and  that is really all I ever wanted. 

~Happy Mothers Day 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 1 here we go...

I am pretty excited about the next 21 days. And by excited I mean totally nervous. My eating has slipped a bit, and I'm in a workout funk. I do them, I run a bit on the treadmill ( you could not pay me enough money to run in this crap winter we have been having- California take me home!), but nothing has seriously motivated me lately. And guess what even in my funk Summer.... will.... stilll..... arrive.... (maybe? HOpefully? Eventually!!!) So today I start the 21 day fix. Meal plan is done (needs to be tweaked a little) I'm about to go push play on workout #1, 30minutes, I can do this! Just for accountability I'm going to tell you a bit about my goals - I want to get rid of this final 15lbs. I lost all of my baby weight, unfortunately these 15lbs have been my friends since 2008, I would really like to un-friend them once and for all! And I would like really to feel confident in shorts this summer. I have never, ever, liked my legs, except for the few years I was training for marathons, but I really do not have time for running 30miles a week right now. So join me for the next 21 days, and see what happens! For now you can check out my weekly meal plan, its a little different this week as i am starting a new job so I had to make things a little more portable then normal but once I work the kinks out for my schedule my menu will be a little more exciting! Happy Fixing!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

Crazy how fast time seems to be going. Some days I just wish I could freeze time. I was however happy to get through the fall. Transition to school for the Mancave kids was a little tough this year. So much so that we are definately looking at other options for next year. Instead of being a great example on how to deal with stress and tough situations and showing my kids that I could still work hard on my goals and accomplish things in the midst of struggle. I basically shut down. That was not on my goal board for 2013! There were plans, and me myself and I only chose to give up. So now here I sit in the first full week of 2014 looking at my Goals for this year and I am determined that I will stick to them. Don't get me wrong as a family we had a good year. But me personally - I set out to help more people take control of their health and fitness, teach them how to feed their families on a budget, build a team of likeminded individuals and get myself back to long distance running! How about you ? What are you goals for this year? What can I help you with? Lets do this together!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Rainbows in my life

One successful if not a bit chaotic Rainbow Birthday Party complete!

It's been awhile since we had an at home birthday party. Winter Birthdays and running out of space in our old house.

So I was a little unsure we could pull this off!

The Birthday girl had a great day herself but beyond that even I'm the craziness of never finishing a single conversation with anyone, the best part for me is seeing the pure joy on all the kids faces especially watching older siblings really enjoy the things that the younger ones are doing , in essence being kids at heart.

My life's work has really been my kid, and days like these really do good for my soul to erase the days I feel like I'm failing as mom, wife, friend or the wallet feels too empty. I am far from good at this mothering thing some days I wonder if I will ever get it right! But Days like these with family and friends both old and new ( and those that have been around long enough that they a re family) Give me hope that maybe just maybe I'm doing ok. All three kids had smiles on their faces and are pleasantly exhausted this evening.

Made me realize the perfect choice Sofie made in picking a Rainbow party - remembering the past with the promise of the future, and knowing whatever may come life is full color.