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Thank you to my Thirties....

As I sit here absent a glass of wine or good cocktail putting way to much effort into deep thoughts of this past decade. I can really sum it up in one word.

Thankful, beyond belief.

Ok that was a phrase.

Seriously though when I think back on all that changed in the past 10yrs its pretty crazy, and honestly for some of it, it was really against all odds that I made it through.

The week of My 30th birthday in 2008 also marked six months since we had buried our infant son.  On the day I turned 30? I had no goals, no plans, the dreams were buried, I was still in survival mode.  That summer I began to breathe again, dream again and really live again, and that is what brought to life the following....

The Thirty People, places or  things about my Thirties that am I most thankful for....

1.  Nursing school - someday I'll maybe think about possibly going back -
2. Bethany Christian Services
3. God and his sense of humor - which gave us .....
4. Our Son  - who brought a new sport to our li…

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