Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 you were a good year!

2012 what a year!

We laughed we cried, we packed, packed some more. Laughed, cried, stressed, worried, pulled a few muscles. Invaded Nona and Papa for almost a month in the summer. Invaded an unsuspecting hotel for a week before Christmas. Invaded Grammy and Kiby for the week of Christmas.

And Finally.

After nearly 3yrs of planning for this day (and a decade of dreaming of it)

We have landed in our new home. Pictures soon I promise, maybe after I've had a shower.

As I'm writing this both the little ones are napping in their new rooms, yes Sofie has her own room and a big girl bed (sniff, sniff) and the teenage one is doing what! Gasp! organizing her room without having been ask. HOLD THE PHONE!  I'm sure the novelty will wear as soon as the new year begins!

So I took an hour walked away from the boxes and sat down to make my goal board for 2013. I couldn't do that though without looking back on 2012.
Quite honestly a goal board is not something I have done in a long while. This past August when I joind Team Beachbody as a health and fitness coach my coach encouraged me to do one. The year was coming to a close and I kept it small. I grabbed a picture off the web of a kitchen that I loved. Four months later I'm sitting here in almost the identical kitchen.

Last November I did my first Beachbody home workout, and I was completely insane and started with Insanity, it was an epic fail for me, but I kept at it and went on to p90x, and Les mills pump and sitting here 25lbs lighter then I was in November of 2011!

All of it was hard work, that could not have been accomplished without the support of our family, our friends, our faith and perserverance.

There was a game changing moment for me, In October and Beachbody event, My Coach Melanie played this at the very end, the week that we had planned to take the house we just sold and moved out of, off the market. I watch it at least once a week when I feel like I'm lacking motivation. Don't ask why its so motivating to me, it just hit me in a place I needed to be motivated from.

Happy New Year!~ I hope you make 2013 your very best!

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