Life in the ManCave

Its Just 2 years....

I thought I'd finish nursing school, we would move into a new house, maybe have one new addition.

How many of you have had plans, or goals like that and found out there was something better planned? Or maybe you put it off...  Next year we can, or in a few years we will be, etc...  If you'd just done whatever it is you said you wanted to do 2yrs ago imagine what you could have accomplished, or how different your life could be, or how the lives of others around you would have been affected. If you just decided then to go for it!

Eventually, we did, after years of talking about it, praying about it, talking to others and having others pray it about.  We did. 2 years. So I'll tell you what 2 years can mean or really what it does mean to us in the Mancave:

Its the length of time Caila has been a Sister.
The amount of time Rob and I have understood what it means to be Mommy and Daddy to a bright, funny, active, cuddly boy, that we get to call our son.
Caila and Kaden both have memories of life without each other, but Sofie doesn't know a world or a life without the 2 of them together.

Two years ago today we became a family, a foursome on its way to a crazy party of Five, its crazy, but from this moment forward Kaden has a family, has been in one place for the longest span of time in his beautiful life...


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