About me

I am the wife of a wonderful, crazy, fun loving, geek. We have been blessed with three beautiful, wonderful, crazy, fun loving  Children, and one Angel you can read about here. I have been and am a Mom of many hats, and I'm not talking jobs. We became parents for the first with big C in our early 20's said goodbye to little c at almost 30, Welcomed K into our hearts and were surprised by S in our our early/Mid 30's.

I have been a young mother, infertile mother, the mother of a baby born to soon to even take his first breath, adoptive mother and an oops surprise your pregnant when you thought that was not in the plan any more mother.
So now I am the mother of a  Teenager, elementary schooler, and a toddler. This and all the life that goes with it is what I ramble about, join me on this crazy journey.

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