Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long Awaited Updated

Its not tomorrow, well it is I guess, but not the tomorrow I spoke of in my last post. Sorry to keep you all waiting... Here are the bullet points of our life over the last few weeks.


Came home anorexic ally skinny and honestly I beleive near death. The elation of the cat actually coming home quickly turned to OMG she's back but she's not going to make it. So of course the compassionate animal lover in me quickly..... Became annoyed with the cat. Why the heck did ya' bother coming back if you aren't going to eat, or drink, or walk down the stairs to your bathroom? Huh? Why? --- Oh wait your a cat and can't talk back.... Seems like a great segway to Caila but I digress.... So for 10 days we fed her with a syringe. First Baby food ( I have a few leftover jars of Chicken noodle dinner if anyone out there wants it) and water because she wouldn't even drink on her own. Next we went to KMR which is basically milk for Kittens which she isn't she's probably 10 (adopted from a shelter you never really know their ages). The first few days she was a willing participant then she turned to growling which was the first noise we heard from her at all. Then I tried to spoon feed her canned Kitten food, still with a syringe. She began to fight these feedings but started to act hungary. We put some food out for her and behold she eats! Not quite that simple however, she will only eat if someone sits next her while she eats. Anybody need a C-... We are so glad she's home!!!!!

Caila & Fourth Grade- -

Two weeks ago Caila started 4th grade. Also the day the Cat returned. 4th grade. Wow. Hard to beleive.
We did our ceremonial pictures in front of the house and the group pictures, and all the Mom's cried as we do every year walking away from the bus. Really it seems like yesterday that we put her on the bus for the first day of Kindergarten and it seemed odd to be putting this tiny little person on a giant metal death trap, er, I mean bus.
She has started band this year and much to Daddy's delight is taking up the Sax and we love to listen to her practice everyday..... (Insert Sarcasm here) There was a time that I wanted her to play the Violin. I think the Sax will do just fine. Can anyone out there tell me what its like to listen to someone learn to play the Violin? I just can't imagine...

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