Flood the Gates...

I am asking for the biggest prayer group right now. A friend, A friend that I've never met, an angel Mommy in Northern California needs the gates of Heaven to be flooded with prayer.
She also sent an angel to Heaven last December and has been blessed again with twins. Right now her babies and pregnancy are in jeopardy, she has dilated to 3 cm and her bag of waters is leaking and bulging. 2 baby girls 21weeks, need our prayers. Should she lose her babies this will be 3angels in heaven in less then a year. I am having trouble wrapping my head around this right now, I'm not sure how she is but some sense of peace seems to be around her at this moment. Please pray that they bring their babies home!
Her name is Jennell and her husband is Rob and they need a miracle and all of our prayers.
I need for them to have this miracle.


Anonymous said…
Just got a chance to read your blog and will mobilize the local prayer chain asap.

I will keep positive thoughts for all involved.


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