Saturday, October 11, 2008

Proud Mom Moment

I'm a bad blogger, I'll never win any awards or have a big following. I'm not very good at keeping up. Guess that's why I never became a writer. But I digress. Not much new and exciting here.... just the normal hum drum of school/work/sport/weekend....Do the same over again.

Warning~ this our family blog so the rest of this post is going to be blubbering over with how awesome my daughter is....~ Don't worry tomorrow she will forget about a school project that's due on monday or loudly chew at the table and again I'll be normal frustrated mother of an approaching puberty daughter.... But for now ~ Please let me brag a little... :)

Caila plays 2 sports~ u10 Travel Soccer and Competitive Cheerleading~.

Soccer Mom Story(which is like being a Hockey Mom wouldn't it be great to have one in the White House! A real life Mom who understands? Instead of a Career Politician....Wow)
She has played soccer since shortly after turning 5. Until recently we were not really sure if it was her "thing". She doesn't necessarily have a competitive spirit, but her Dad does (not her Mom nope just Dad ). Sometimes it was difficult to watch. Until recently. Last Sunday, the day I decided not to take Camera/Camcorder she played the best game ever. Breakaway goal shot(went left and didnt get the goal, but the best shot ever) and then knocked to the ground rolled out and got up to kick the ball. We were sad to see the game end because watching her was so much fun.

Cheerleading Coach/Mom Story:

This will be her 4th season of All Star Cheer. All 4yrs I have coached in some compacity. Coaching your own child is difficult at least for me. No favoritism, which for me leads to being harder and expecting more. I will admit that she sometimes gets the short end of the stick because I the small success's parents enjoy I sometimes don't see as a coach. New year new us. I'm not coaching her squad this year. She needs me as Mom more then coach right now. So today was her tumbling day for cheer we dropped her off ran a few errands then I went to pick up. I do still coach another squad so I went in to watch the last few minutes of their session. The head coach called me over to watch what I assumed was a random cheerleader, that turned out to be my daughter. Today out of nowhere she gained a new tumbling skill. For 3yrs she has been doing a Round off Back handspring, or standing back handspring. Today she decided to throw a back tuck on the end of that pass.
She was so excited she was grinning from ear to ear, and I proud Mom, nearly cried with excitement. The video on my phone wouldn't load or I'd have it here for all to see.... maybe tomorrow. She needs this right now. Success. Energy. That feeling of knowing you worked for something and it paid off. She needed that moment of pure joy. And for me, it was the best feeling in the world watching her do it, and the hug I was given after wasn't so bad either!!!!!!!!

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Papa and Nona said...

We forget to read your blog, it is wonderful, it always is.
Way to go Caila, we are soooooo PROUD of you!!!
Yes and your Mom also.
And Dad, yea, he's okay too.