Can we Start the week over?

The beginning of this week had so much promise. Now I'm not so sure.

Today is not a good a day. I can’t begin to understand the choices our country has made this election year, and after a long sleepless night I just decided to give up and get out of bed. Only to find more bad news, fellow angel mom in California delivered her twin girls last night at 22wks Alexis heart stopped just prior to delivery, they were able to hold Ashlen for 2hrs before she joined her 2 sisters in heaven. She was too small for any extraordinary measures. Please pray for Jenn and her husband Rob as they now have three baby girls in heaven waiting for them. The pain of losing a baby is tremendous, and on some days I relive it as if it were yesterday but for Rob and Jenn they have now lost 3 in 10 months. Somehow though, she still has a sense of humor through all this and said “I really don't want to go back to work after this, so I may just quit my job and let Obama 'take care' of me, since he is spreading the wealth and all.”

They seem to have a strong faith, which doesn’t make the pain easier to get through, just possible somehow to survive.

Please pray for them.
This is where if McCain had been elected I could write something bright and shiny about how there's some kind of silver lining. McCain/Palin ticket would have been strong for families, children, babies - RESEARCH! NO MORE STILLBIRTHS! But how can a President that does not place a value on young life do anything to provide funding to stop this from happening?! But no, people were all mad and voted against Republicans instead for Obama I just hope it's not as bad as I'm imagining it will be.


sara said…
Totally a couple years late in seeing this post, but I was looking back through some of your older ones to get caught up on your current story (something I like to do on blogs that I have come to love :-)....and saw this post. Oh how I agree with you! So well written!
sara said…
On the Palin/ McCain thing is what I meant...just realized I might not have written that very clearly :-)

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