Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Wrap....

The beginning of this week I was really attempting to be a better blogger, maybe even right something every day. Just wasn't that kind of week. It's been a week.... Historical Election, Loss that I don't understand, and yesterday was 11 months since Carter became our Angel. That one year mark is just around the corner, no its just up at the top of the summit that I wasn't sure some days I'd see.
So we have declared this weekend to be purely stress free in the Rentz house.
Tomorrow Caila has her first Cheer Competition of the year and they are so ready. After which dinner out, a friends soccer game and a lazy night by the fire seem just about a perfect Saturday.

So in keeping with a stress free theme- If you see us- or talk with us-NO Drama family, world news or other, light cheery, sports, fashion,scrap booking or science (for Caila, she's obsessed right now) would be great.
And I wish you all the same a wonderfully stress free weekend with your loved ones.

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