Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lovely Leaves

Being a California Desert girl at heart, there are still things I miss more then a decade later. But the things that I love about PA can be really be fully described in one word: Trees!

Its not just about having a love affair with tall logs standing in the ground but all the things Trees mean to the landscape and the fun you can have with them.

Really though- I mainly love them because they give me the opportunity to take pictures like this.

I think I may need an agent to look at this photo... If I do say so myself ( whether its because the subject was so photogenic that day or because of the phenomenal photographer, I'm not quite sure yet! )


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! It reminds me of another picture when she was just a baby crawling outside in the leaves and putting them in her mouth and laughing when I told her not to eat the leaves and she made me laugh too! I miss her.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful photographer.
A beautiful subject.
A beautiful writer.
You are a beautiful person.