Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Updates...

Nothing incredibly new and exciting going on in our world these days. Except for well, the Jeep we purchased the 2nd week of January, because our paid off car just stopped working in the middle of Pittsburgh (we bought used, never again) is now in need of its second repair in less then a month. I'm soooooooooo totally done with Car makers that don't start with an T or an H! As my husband so eloquently put it.... "We are due for a break".... But we have our health, each other and warm home. Don't sweat the small stuff right? Trying...

My online friend and her babies are stable right now! She's approaching 22KS and they are trying very hard to keep labor at bay. Her water has broken and they are worried about infection! They need a miracle!

Tomorrow my church is holding a 24hr prayer vigil for beautifully talented 16yr old girl who is fighting for her life. She has struggled for years with anorexia, she was beating it, and now it seems to be trying to beat her. She is a a talented artist, with a big heart, but her body is so weak. She needs a miracle!

Tuesday is election Day... the rules of blogging are stay away from religion and politics, right? But really, I"m afraid of what will happen if the right man does not make it into the White House!

We all need a Miracle!

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