Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thank you Pilgrims, Settlers, Mayflower! Because of you we made a MARVELOUSLY, FABULOUSO TURKEY( if I do say so myself-which by the way exempts me from cooking next year, right?!) But now on to my favorite time of year.... Christmas!

I love everything about Christmas~ The birth Story of Jesus- baking~ shopping~ corny Church pageants~ and really just slowing down and spending time with family. I'm not really sure what began my love of Christmas, could it be that as a kid my Dad's company completely shut down from Christmas through New years? Maybe~ How cool was that? ~ Every daughter loves their Daddy so my wonderful husband had to trump my Dad with the working from home card~ So Caila will have, for the majority of Christmas Break, both parents home to lounge in pajamas and drink cider.....just like I did as a young girl... But I digress..... Could it be my Christian upbringing and much like retailers, Christmas is the "busy season" for the Church.
Whatever part of the season makes me love Christmas the best, it doesn't matter in my excitement we ran home from our Thanksgiving visit with family unloaded the car dragged down the lights and decorations and Tada! Fine! Caila spent Sunday with a friend so we finished up our Christmas lists....Overachievers? Maybe, but now I can spend the next 23 days snuggled by the fire with my Fam...... well a girl can dream cant she?
Just wait until tomorrow when those Christmas cards go out!

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