Relax & Enjoy the Holidays are here....

Yippee, hooray I did it. Schools out for Christmas! I have spent this semester taking a math class in preparation for the Chemistry class I must take next semester, in hopes of getting into nursing school this summer. There I did it. I said it out loud. I am hoping to go to nursing school.
Forget about the part that it took me 'til 30 to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

So tonight I took my final ( and passed, tests still give me horrible anxiety), Caila has her last Cheer Competition of the year this weekend, most of our Christmas Shopping is done, I'm about to log off and finish addressing cards, make 9 or 10 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange, and head to a Christmas Party this weekend, and then I can sit down relax and enjoy this wonderful season with my family! How can you not? As I type this, its snowing the biggest fluffiest snowflakes, Caila's asleep on the couch, the dogs are asleep under the Christmas Tree, we have Christmas music on, Rob's finishing up some work I think its time we all raise a glass and toast to the miracle of Christmas..... Wait just a minute I'll go pour us all a glass..... 2009 is around the corner and I feel good things in store for the coming year.


Anonymous said…
You are an inspiration! I'm a better person for knowing you and having you be a major part of my life.

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