The joys of being 10

Its only been a week, so this may just be more about the general age then the number 10.
But, What a cool age!
If you asked me what my favorite age was I will generally always tell you
18months till about 3 1/2.
Everything is wondrous, and they begin to find words to describe them all. At that age Caila began to recognize every Target we passed. (Which Daddy quickly realized meant I was spending way to much time there...)
And with the loss of Carter and not knowing if I'll ever experience those joys of early childhood again I tend to dwell on them. Wishing I could have lingered in this precious moments I bit more.

Today though I realized something, this age we are entering, is so cool. She still wants to be with us, wants to play, color, read stories together, but now she reads to us the favorite parts of the books she loves at the moment. We can enjoy a family movie together thats not necessarily an animation put out by the House of Mouse. And even though she gave up napping at 5, sleepovers with friends, all day soccer and/or cheer competitions have returned the nap. So snuggled up with a blanket on the couch with Mom has once again returned.

I guess I'll end this post here, so I can return to the snuggling, and hold on to these moments forever.


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