Mangandang gabi

Or Good night, well as close as I could get in Tagalog.

I came across a website tonight that has mp3's of basic Tagalog phrases. There are some similarities to Spanish so that should help me in my immersion of self teaching the three of us, at least I hope so, from what I remember of 5 years of spanish and growing up in So Cal.

My Filipino grandmother spoke quite a few different languages and never passed them on to anyone so if we can learn enough to be conversational I'll be thrilled! Anyone have any luck with Rosetta Stone?

We did get an update from the Orphanage today, exciting, but not quite what we were hoping for- but we were told it would be five weeks from our request of information but not to hold our breath, and today was exactly 5 weeks. So I'm counting that as a good sign even if it wasn't exactly what we were hoping to hear.

Cautious optimism is what we are operating on right now. There is still so much to do, lots of paperwork, lots of hurray up and wait. I am however like the cautious pregnant mother, after all it is still a labor of love, wanting to buy "things" for our newest addition. So, I did breakdown and buy a great winter coat I found on clearance this week, and that just made it seem so real for me. So there it hangs alone in his closet, in his room, just waiting for us to bring him home.

And with that I'll say Mangandang gabi!


KeiraDazi said…
I am praying for you!! I hope everything runs smoothly! :o)

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