Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writers Block No More, maybe.

Interest in reading, writing and basically all things literary definately runs in the family. In my younger years (Ugh, have I really reached the point of my life that I say phrases like that?) Excuse me while I vomit a little....

Let's start over, when I was a teenager. Nope still doesn't sound any better. Anyways, : )

I used to stay in my room for hours upon hours reading or writing and I also remember my Dad doing the same. I'd also have to imagine that my Grandmother ( Dad's Mom) did the same because she handed down these amazing leather bound books of early American poetry that I can still see on the bookshelf of my childhood home even though my parents sold that house years ago. My Baba, yes I'm 30 and she will always be my Baba ( Love you!) always had this wonderful treasure of romance novels on her bookshelf, and anytime we were at her house she made sure to take me to what I still think is the best bookstore on the planet. Caila is following along the same path, as Rob and I heard ourselves saying tonight please stop reading and go to bed. Should there be a law about saying things like this to your kids? Please stop reading, or please come in the house... We jokingly told her tonight she needs to watch more TV and lay around the house more often all this reading isn't good, we just won't stand for it.

I am so excited that her love for books is growing, it is sometimes lonely though as the days of her wanting to color do crafts or build things with me seem to be farther and farther between them. I can't wait however to take her to that bookstore this summer, yes we may possibly be the only ones that go to California specifically to visit a bookstore.

Enjoy your weekend!


Rachel said...

If it is the same bookstore I remember, that place rocked! It was like heaven for a bunch of bookies.

Bmarie99 said...

I've yet to come across one that even comes a close second!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Brandee!!!