Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Days

Three more days. Excited, nervous, and honestly scared s**tless. Taking this step is life altering & family changing. All for the better and not without stress.

We are officially now a 1 income family. I have never been the "breadwinner" but my income has always been our "fun money". So now we will attempt to pay off bills, keep our very active daughter in her favorite activities, put me through school and oh yes live a little, very very little.

So our mantra for the next 2yrs will be a tag line from Dave Ramsey "Live like no one else so later we can Live like no one else."

So this blog will now become our survival through nursing school, one income and the tweener years with our wonderful about to start middle school daughter. I hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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Anonymous said...

Some days will be better than others, some worse...wait a minute isn't that life every day. Take it one day and one week at a time. You have the support of your family and a GREAT support network of friends. It is truly amazing how God has brought the families around you together. They are truly a support system. Courage you have, strenght you gather from those around you.
We love you all
Mom and Dad