Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bright and Shiny


I survived the first and probably easiest week. Good News is I'm not the oldest person in my class, by far which makes me happy. The greater news is that I managed to do relatively well on the first 3 exams. Even a greater plus or minus is that the newly acquired acne that showed up on my face this week kept all my 20 something counterparts from thinking that I looked old! : )

The next few weeks of Caila's summer vacation will be a little hairy for studying but It should work out by the time school starts for her.

Wednesday was our first clinical day and although we didn't really do anything other then tour the unit that we will be assigned to work on, it didn't keep the more experienced staff from continually commenting on how "Bright and Shiny" we all looked. My heart warmed a little from this statement because sometimes I wonder how much life has affected my outlook. There are days I know I sound jaded and there are also days that I get wrapped up in some of my anger or sadness of some of the loss that has surrounded us. Knowing that in a small group of 7 that I didn't stick out like a sore thumb and perhaps really still have some of that "Bright and Shiny" outlook of my twenties gave me a surge of energy.

I know that this will not be an easy program, it is going to mean sacrifice not only for me but for Rob and Caila as well. Hopefully they will both always know how much I love and appreciate that they are willing to walk this path with me. This week I walked away with so much knowledge and a glimpse of what the next 2 yrs will look like. Most importantly I came home at the end of the week still knowing this is where I need to be.

Hopefully with any luck I will still be Bright and Shiny when I graduate!

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Anonymous said...

You will do great, I am so proud of you!! The two years will fly by and then we can celebrate with a long deserved weekend to the destination of your choice.
Love ya,