Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 11 years !

We made it!

One more year. I was looking up anniversary gifts and we are now in the 11-15 year range. Officially this makes us old.

Brutal honesty... We had a rough summer. But life is full of Ebb & Flow right? Or to use a mountain bike metaphor from my one ride... You only get to enjoy the breeze on the down hill after you struggled on the climb to the top. Right now it feels like we are enjoying the breeze, and I'll be honest I really am hoping for a nice long descent.

Not being able to complete the adoption was difficult, another loss we had to process. Some may argue that we should be good at this now, but unless you become stone cold, which some may also argue that I have, It's still difficult to process. Caila sometimes I worry gets lost in all of this and then I wonder what she will take from our experiences into her adult life. Therapy I'm sure! Isn't that part of our jobs as parents to keep them in business?

Today is day one of the next 365. Nursing School ( How many Husbands would be willing to let their wives reinvent themselves as many times as I have) , a daughter starting middle school, and whatever else is around the proverbial bend.

We have been truly blessed as a couple, supportive families, beautiful daughter and really I would argue anyone on this point, the best friends (both near and far) that anyone could ask for!

Who knows what I will have to reflect on year in 12, but babe I wouldn't to take this journey with anyone else! I Love you!

Happy Anniversary!
And now to study ... So much for celebration.


Anonymous said...

Rob and Brandee - we wish you the Happiest Anniversary! We love you!
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

You both are special, with a special daughter.
LUB Mom and Dad

Rachel said...

I have had some of my best and worst moments in my nursing career. There are surly many more to come and I wouldn't ever trade it for any other. I hope you find your own down the road. You will make a great nurse. You have the heart...and brains. Enjoy the process of becoming and remember to breath.