Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Analyzing Analogies

I like analogies, maybe too much..

maybe its from my writer Father,

maybe it comes from watching all the old movies with my mother listening to people like Danny Kaye sing song their way into stories of long ago,

maybe it comes from the fabulous English teacher I had in high school,

or maybe its just because my brain works just slightly back words from the rest of you.... I am after all left handed, but oh wait, that means I'm in my right mind, doesn't it? oh well....

Where was I going with this? Oh yes, analogies. I like them. Too Much... They are great tools to use as parents. However I'm finding myself learning from them as much if not more then my lovely tweener child if for no other reason then because some days I just like to hear the sound of my own voice. Not really, okay well maybe. But seriously I have found myself mid-lecture of some all important life changing kind to said daughter and the light in my own brain goes off.

So today we hit a sort of road block in adoption paperwork. Government efficiency at its finest. I was trying to think of all our options. What could we do to facilitate things to run smoother? (the answer of course is nothing- we are after all talking about government)

After calming down a bit I tried to imagine my favorite analogy and how I could relate this. Marathons. Except for I can't think of a way to relate this. Marathons are incredibly organized down to the minute thousands of volunteers, months of training, blood sweat and tears comes down to one day.

*Btw- yes dear friends I know I am using yet another running story and I am not currently in the running condition of my past... I'm hopeful that I'll get there...again....eventually*

As I was thinking of running. I realized this is different. Marathons are about constant motion. Adoption is to a point, and then you stand still. Then its like standing in front of the big doors to the church. Waiting for the music to Cue, walking down they aisle that no matter how big or small it was before the wedding it just quadrupled in size, and then this is where in adoption land it comes to a LOUD SCREECHING HALT!!! All the musicians drop their instruments and fall into a tangled mess of strings and people. And you the bride at one end of the aisle and your prince charming groom at the other end stare at each other, frozen not knowing what to do next. Your hoping that the music will start up again quickly without notice but you know it wont be that simple. So you stare some more, wondering if this is a sign of what the rest of your life together will be like... and then you realize that you have 2 options:

Option 1- Cry, no Sob, loudly then stomp your feet and run out of the church leaving everyone behind you to say how terrible this is that this happened to you.....blah blah blah....

Option 2- Laugh- hysterically, Throw the bouquet over your head run down the aisle and tell the minister to hurry up and marry you because you both have a party to get to.

In adoption land this is where we are.... All the preparation has been made, We are just waiting for the doors of the church to open so we can walk forward with excitement, uncertainty, and that age old question what will the next 50yrs be like...


Anonymous said...

We are ready to start the party!!!!

Bob & Sue

Ransom said...

Swing the hammers, storm the doors.
The journey will begin.