Monday, December 14, 2009

Contemplation, yet again....

Miriam Webster defines contemplation in one of three ways:

1. A concentration on spiritual things as a private form of devotion; state of mystical awareness of God's being.
2. An act of considering with attention or
3. The act of regarding steadily.

I was raised learning the first definition, and have spent much of the last 2 years really trying to define what that means for myself, for my family.

Today I am using definition #2 & #3. Considering with much attention what it will mean for me if I just fell short of the goal I needed to pass my class, that had me working towards a goal that I have wanted for so long. Also I am steadily regarding or regarding steadily if you choose , how, should I pass what I will take forward. How I will keep the rest of this experience from being this constant battle to survive... I am trying very hard not to second guess every mistake or wrong answer put to paper. That I know HE taught in recent years. Picking apart every moment isnt going to change the outcome.

And yet even as I put the words on "paper" I realize that its not really possible to ever move forward without contemplation. Not if you intend on living a life of purpose, with meaning.

So tonight eleven days before Christmas we are decorating our tree and I am contemplating.

Considering with Attention that no matter what I tried, and while I consider the mystical awareness of God's being I know it will be ok.

And I'm wishing you all a Christmas that you can consider with attention all of those that you hold dear.

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Anonymous said...

Life has its' way of keeping us on track. If you travel down a road and never stop for breaks, never get distracted, never get refreshed, one will doze off (boredom) and then the very unsettling things happen.
Those breaks, distractions, and periods when we refresh KEEP us on track. Without them we cannot finish the journey.
LUB - Dad