Friday, December 25, 2009

"Mommy... All of our Seats will be filled..."

*Side note*
We hope you all have been well in 2009, and our able to spend Christmas with those you love. Traditionally we have never sent a Christmas letter, but we have so many things to be thankful for and update you on that we thought we could blog one...

Words like those make the other words of our "tweener" daughter disappear. She said this after much contemplation staring at our dining room table that I have for so many years shoved up against a wall making it seem as though it only has a place for just three.

She stared some more... I finally said to here "Caila what are you thinking about?"...."all the seats will be filled" she responded and I looked at her completely clueless as to what that meant in her 1o yr old soon to be 11 (and almost a teenager she reminds me daily) year old mind.....

"MOMMY"... she says, frustrated with why I didn't "get it".... "Mommy, when Chih-Fu comes home, all of our seat will be filled."

Those are the moments we cherish as parents, and those moments are the driving force behind our desire to continue to build our family.

And we have been given that opportunity....

Our son, Chih-fu Wang, Born March 9, 2005 in a tiny province in Taiwan, graciously given the gift of life by his birth mother. We have been matched with this beautiful little boy - who doesn't like vegetables - and someday soon our family will grow.

Adoption land is so unpredictable, we have learned to "roll" with whatever comes our way. Hopefully, with much prayer and some organization on the part of 2 government agencies in countries worlds apart, just maybe by next Christmas all of our seats will be filled.

Stay tuned I will post updates as we receive them.

Shen Dan Jie Kuai Le -

-Merry Christmas -

The Rentz Family

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Anonymous said...

A special young lady who continues to amaze us as she grows into her teen years. We are so proud of her.

A handsome young man - we can't wait to meet our grandson in person.

Merry Christmas to your family.
We love you!

Grammy and Kiby