Saturday, January 30, 2010

Buying stock in bananas.

Update # 1 on our soon to be son Chi-Fu, yes we do intend to give him an American name but we have not yet come to mutual understanding on that.... ( translation- Rob hasn't given in to my choices yet! )

Honestly though, I read a families blog yesterday that is also adopting their son from Taiwan. She mentioned the trimesters of adoption and how you can compare them to pregnancy, with one major difference.

Pregnancy has an end in site, no medical health professional anywhere will take you to 40+ weeks of pregnancy and look you in the face and say " umm... nope sorry we grossly miscalculated.... you have to wait another 40 weeks, or 3 more trimesters." Adoption can do just that. We have an idea of a timeline. That those near and dear to us know of... and I keep telling myself to add 3 more trimesters to that said time frame, but I realize daily that I am very attached to our expected time of travel. In pregnancy terms.... my bags are packed and ready to go.... well not really.. but passports are in hand and we have narrowed down our hotel choices, flights now that's another post...

Then yesterday we received our first post-dossier set of updates. Excitement and sadness all in one moment. We did not receive any photo or video updates as sometimes occur. We have been told they are very behind on these and again, I wasn't expecting them, but of course I was.

He is doing well, seems to act like a leader among his friends at the young age of 4. He loves to play ball sports, climb up the slide and slide down on his face (translation sometimes makes things sound so literal...), the only fruit he likes is bananas.

Do you know how many bananas we go through in a week here at the mancave family house? Adding another banana addict will surely make me want our own crop! Maybe I can head to Phipps and pick them.... you don't think they would mind do you?

The last part of the update and what I really want to add here is that he is growing like a weed. Except that I can't. He has lost 4lb since the updates we received in November and we are saddened by this. He was sick and we couldn't comfort him, now he's losing weight.

So we need to bring him home. Soon. All the prayers you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Jodi said...

You can pick bananas at Phipps? I've never been there, so I had no clue!

I like your comparison about adoption trimesters. That is sooo true. I like to think we're in the "you were a far away twinkle in your father's eye" we have a long way to go!

I'm glad to hear you got an update on your future son! Sorry for no pics, I can tell how disappointed you are. Try to hang in there, hopefully you won't get any extra trimesters, and he will be home with you soon! :@)