Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crazy, Crazy Life.

Crazy. Chances are if we've chatted in any form lately. I've been scatter brained, said very little, and used the word Crazy many, many times.

Life is Crazy. It is for everyone, but really, right now for the Rentz Family -Life is Crazy!!!

Here is a list of our Crazy undertakings for the rest of 2010:

Outdoor Soccer Season- Caila is playing on 2 teams and double the amount of tournaments in other states to attend, we are spending quite a bit of time in our cars these days. Watching her grow in her favorite sport is so much fun, and there are definitely growing pains along the way, but this is definitely her passion. ....

Nursing School- is almost half way completed! I can't believe it! Even though my first year is almost complete I am still struggling to utilize my time appropriately to study. A skill that I have never been able to fully wrap my head around.

Career- Rob is insanely busy with work these days, making Caila and I so much more appreciative of all the time he works from home as he has had to actually go to the office lately, and when is home he burns the candle quite late these days.

This is just a small portion of our everyday life events, many of which you probably have an then some in your own lives.... don't worry I saved the bigger better things for last.....

Adoption- We have decided on a name. Kaden Chih-Fu Rentz.

Kaden means "Spirit of Battle", "Fighter", which we find fitting for all that he has been through in his young life.

We are keeping his birth name as his middle name to honor his birth mother for making the choice to give him life. There is also a chance that he may not want to take an American name and being that he is 5 we will respect that. We have not had any updates on Kaden since our skype in March, hopefully we will get to skype again soon and receive some updates information as well as photos.
The orphanage is making some important decision right now and we need prayer that they will still choose us as his family. He has a bedroom in our home, an entire wardrobe of clothing and a few toys, we are ready for him at any moment.

So as you have been reading, our life has been crazy!

Our adoption plan for Kaden and preparing Caila for being a Big Sister to a 5yr old boy. Nursing School, Rob's Crazy work schedule, Caila's activities, on top of just our day to day routine like everyone else

We have been so focused on all these wonderful things going on in our lives, so complacent with OUR PLANS that we never stopped to ask "OK Lord, this is all going smoothly, are we on track? Is this what you have planned for us?" Honestly though, it would have been something more like this: " OK Lord, I tried to plan for years how our life would be, and our plans never worked out, I know that YOU know better, but this is good, right? Its all going well, We are excited to be a family of 4, Caila is excited to finally be a sister, our families & friends are being incredibly supportive. This is it? Right? WE are making the right choices? Right? "

You would think, that with our history, choices we have made in the past, and the loss we have experienced we would have learned to lean on HIM more fully. UH, WRONG.

We are still making our plans, trying control things in our way, in our time. Do you know what happens when we make our own plans? - this is what a few of my friends have recently told me- We make GOD laugh, and he adjusts them to be part of his plan, so HE can accomplish things through are lives.

OK, I give. I get it, not really, but I'll try, because really I have no other options..... This is me Lord throwing up my hands, giving it all to you because really this is ALL YOU. No other options here, plus its totally, completely crazy!

Curious? Ya we still are.... I Can't really wrap my head around it..... really, I can't but maybe you can?

So here it goes... The miracle birth of our Amazing Caila (as her BFF calls her)after 5 Doctors, traveling across the country to see a World Renowned specialist, drugs, drugs and more drugs, then losing our sweet angel Carter after being born to soon, choosing to again be a 1 income family when I quit my job for nursing school, and in the process adopting our beautiful Kaden ......

WE ARE PREGNANT....and holding our breath until November..... See I told you it was Crazy.



Edwards Family said...

Thank you, Lord!

Mom to 2 boys +? said...

Woohoo! I am so so happy for y'all!

MoM/Dad said...

Crazy is good, it leaves one with the sense how can anything else is normal. God has a great sense of humor. Excited, and crazy we all are!

Rachel said...

Oh, my heart just sings for you and trembles. I know you have another sweet sweet life to love. I pray for so many things for you...We love you! Blessings on growing a great round beach ball belly!