Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soccer Kicks, Kung Fu & Cerclage

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

We are spending the weekend watching Caila play soccer. I really can't think of a better way to spend Mothers day then watching my reason for being Mom play the game she loves.... She really played a fabulous game yesterday, in the High Desert like winds and monsoon like rain. Hopefully today's game will be a little more fan friendly, but since I just turned on the heat I'm guessing not so much.

Tuesday night we were blessed to have another Skype chat with Kaden. Having one interaction behind us really proved to be a great start to forming a bond. He was much more relaxed and open with us even spending some time on the floor showing us his Chinese Kung-Fu moves, which had everyone laughing till the verge of tears. Caila on the other hand deemed them to be break dancing moves. He is a very cheerful little boy that we are praying to have home soon. We still do not have any court dates so our hopes of summer are starting to fade.

Fast forward from last Tuesday until this coming Tuesday and we are looking at completely different days, and utterly different emotions, for very different reasons, but still wishing for the same out come, growing our family.
My pregnancy history is a troubled one and trying to make the best decisions for this one in order to have the best possible outcome is not easy. Every action has its risks as well as sitting by and just waiting. So on this Tuesday at 8:30am my Doctors will be putting in a Cerclage, in hopes of keeping my body from going into labor before 37 weeks. I may or may not end up on bed rest following this procedure, depending on how my body reacts.
We know this needs to be done, but its hard not to wish that there could be a simpler more miraculous way, which reminds my of a story I once heard....
I remember my Pastor telling a story when I was little girl (wow do I sound old) about a man on rooftop during a flood, the short version goes something like this: a rowboat, a ship and helicopter all came to save this man and he was waiting on God and eventually drowned. He then questioned as to why God didn't save him.....and God Said the tools that were needed for you to save yourself were right in front you- (much more funny when told but I'm trying to make a point) We are in the care of good Doctors, but some of the choices are left to us so we have decided we have been given the tools so this baby is getting everything and the kitchen sink thrown at it, and with a little bit of luck and lots prayer just maybe we will make it through.


Anonymous said...

Medals are given to warriors that faced with uncertainty go forward. They are prepared, equipped and courageous. They have courage.
You our daughter are a Warrior prepared, equipped and courageous. You have the support, the prayers of all that know you and your family and you will succeed.
Love you bunches
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

I remember that sermon too!