20 weeks and Skype

... We are on the doorstep, and I am hopeful, and fearful all at the same time. I think our baby knows this because there has been lots of kicking and flip flopping around the last few days. As if too say" Hey Mom, I'm here, don't worry."
Easier said then done.

Some moments I am easily lost in the planning, and it feels surreal, others can be paralyzing. So the next few days I will occupy myself with continually annoying my dear husband with thoughts of our future, Enjoying the much needed company of friends that I don't ever see enough, but can always be instantly comfortable with, ( it will also help that to district me that I will have an army of vampires and werewolves occupying my vision, post indulging in a very decadent dinner) celebrating a great-grandmas birthday ( We never share a lady's age) and rounding out the next week by celebrating two new lives, those of a dear friends baby, and the best sister in law in the world. Happiness, Joy and love should keep me from my fearful thoughts.

Today though I am seemingly in troubled spot now, will end with great Joy. Joy that will keep all three of us up way beyond our bedtime. Our Third Skype with Dear Chih-Fu! This few moments are glimpses into his life now for us, and hopefully glimpses of the family waiting, for him. Last month the topic of conversation was all sorts of sports, even down to a demonstration of his Kung-fu skills, and a discovery that Cats (of which we have 2) may not be his choice of pet. Who knows what discovery today will bring...

Happy Tuesday~



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