Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team Pink, Team Blue or Team Green?

Tomorrow is the day.

I'm excited, sort of, but wish it could happen without me. I'm raising a glass to my anxiety tomorrow morning.
I have adopted the mantra (and adding to it) of another pregnant after loss Mom... Today we are pregnant, Today we are adopting, and for today that is all that matters.

If I could go alone tomorrow and not tell anyone about it, that's probably what I would do. Healthy? I'm still sane enough to know that its not. Hopefully I'm like Fort Knox and have nothing to worry about, but like Rob said we won't be comfortable till everyone is home.

Really I am trying to enjoy this miracle pregnancy. Really I am.but then I remember driving home from the ultrasound with Carter, and the 2 happy weeks that followed, then that day. ....

Then I try to go to my happy place... Pink, Blue or Green???? We well really me, are debating. Rob is being fabulous and has said he will go with whatever makes me comfortable. Caila on the other hand is a little less patient, well with being 11 and all those hormones coursing through her veins, patient is that last thing I would use to describe her at the moment!

Caila's vote is pink
a few friends have said blue
Some days I feel pink, others I feel blue, and maybe in less then 24hrs we will know, or maybe not, or maybe we will know and just not share for awhile, till we are in a safe place.

Any votes?


Mom to 2 boys +? said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and praying everything goes a-ok!

Anonymous said...

Blue,, okay maybe green.
Dad --and that is definite!

sara said...

I'm thinking pink? Thanks for the kind words, I've been reading through some of your previous posts and can see what a long journey you've been on. But it makes me smile so big to see where you're at now! Best of luck in the next few days ahead. Keep me posted!