Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24 weeks & 10days

Viability Stage one- From today forward our Baby Girl has a fighting chance if for some reason everything and the kitchen sink that we have thrown at her decided to stop working.

Getting beyond week 20 was our first goal, then maybe I could begin to see the proverbial light.

Viability, is a just a beautiful thing. Now, do we want her to be her anytime soon? No thanks, we already love you, but please stay put for at least another 10 weeks.

When searching for the definition of Viability via Merriam Webster online, the first entry is this:

1 : capable of living; especially : having attained such form and development as to be normally capable of surviving outside the mother's womb.

So maybe for the rest of today, I will start to feel capable of living with thought of all the life surrounding us, that is if I can survive the stress/anxiety/loneliness of the next 10 days plus 10.

TEN DAYS. Really? Thats it just TEN MORE DAYS? We have 2 more planned Skype calls with our little man, one is tonight, and one next week. Praying that things go smoothly. Praying that they will survive without me and I without them. Praying for safe travels, Praying for well, just lots of praying.


Mom and Dad said...

Praying, also, long range weather looks GREAT! You look wonderful. Wish, wish we could be there. What great events. What a great family. We LUB.

sara said...

Lots of praying...lots of praying coming your way! By the way - you look fabulous, it was great to see a photo :-)