Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please clock stop ticking.

As I blog its 7am, but I've been awake for a few hours, first trying to go back to sleep, then telling myself to get up, then running through all the things that need to be accomplished today and that was the kicker. The reason I am now blogging while the rest of my house sleeps (including the dogs).

Things I need to accomplish today:

Travel arrangements need to be nailed down, at the very least flights.
Visa, Immigration and other miscellaneous can only be done right before travel not in the 18months of waiting for adoption, paperwork needs to be completed. Or at least if not completed translated into a language I/We can understand, and just an FYI it is written in English its just more government paperwork and I literally felt like a spinning top when I finished reading the instructions on the forms.

Shopping. And all my friends are jumping for joy. Except that shopping is starting to be stressful. Buying for our son whose likes and dislikes I do not yet know is stressful. However I thought I had been a pretty decent all encompassing shopper over the past months. Last night I began to lay out all of the traveling clothes and there is a requirement for what I would interpret as business casual wear for court, and I realized that I have yet to buy him a single pair of pants. Shorts? Check Shirts? Check Adorable bathing suits? Check Jeans given to us by a wonderful friend? Pants? nope so today I'm off to shop some more.

Now that I have it all out in front of me, maybe I can relax and sleep for a few more hours...


ps. Today I am 22 weeks, and SHE is kicking like crazy!

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sara said...

I hope the shopping goes well and you get everything you need. It sounds fun to shop, but you explained the difficulty in this type of shopping really well. I can't believe things are moving along so fast! Keep sending the updates, I love reading :-) Fingers crossed for smooth sailing!