To Taiwan with Love,

I send my heart.
Not just the part that longed for years to grow our family, but every single part.
The part that felt like it found home when I met my husband 14yrs ago, the part that wondered if it could really hold any more joy the day Caila was born, that part that wanted to die the day we lost Carter and more recently the part that has fallen in love with 5yr old boy whose hand I have yet to hold.

So To Taiwan with love I will send all of those parts, all parts of the Journey that brought us to Kaden Chih-Fu Rentz. The part that I will keep with me over that 7day period, is the part that keeps me here, while I send my love with Rob and Caila as they journey to Kaden I will stay Stateside and use the remaining portion of my heart to continue growing our baby.
Sometime the week of August 8th Rob and Caila will be leaving for Taiwan to bring home our son, her little brother. Our court date in Taiwan is August 13th and although we don't quite have travel arrangements made yet (we just received all of this information on Friday before the long holiday weekend) and hopefully they will be flying on August 15Th, our Twelfth Anniversary.
We are feverishly trying to get our home in order, trying to figure out what else we need to have for him when he is home. Home. Family. Like Caila said near the beginning of this process, all the chairs at the table will be full, but now we actually will need one more!
So over the next 5 weeks I may not write much, or maybe I will write more I tend to do that when I'm stressed. I'll try to post the occasional baby update ( tomorrow we are 21weeks!) and I'll post any updates I receive from Rob while they are traveling.

So for now~ from Pittsburgh with love...



sara said…
Oh my goodness what a journey! I am sending much good thoughts and prayers to taiwan that you will all be home as a family - just the way you should be. ((hugs))

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