Adoption Day is finally here.

Its 7:45 am on Friday the 13th in Taiwan. Adoption Day!!!!! Officially we started this process nearly 3yrs ago, we were matched with Chih-Fu last November. In just a few hours he will officially be our Son/Brother/Nephew/Grandson/ Great-Grandson. If I could be a fly on the wall...

Praying for smooth appointment, correct paperwork, final Visa and Passport for Chih-fu, and then they can all just breath. Enjoy the beauty of his birth country and most importantly, count the hours until THEY ALL FINALLY COME HOME TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

120 hrs and 10 minutes the plan should touch down in Pittsburgh.

Now since I couldn't be with them to to take part in this, I'm going to my job which is to be here readying the house and making sure our next addition arrives safely and tonight I will do my part by celebrating with them from afar... With a giant fudge sundae.


Anonymous said…
Yea, for the Rentz family. Hopefully Rob will be able to sleep away from the door. Well...maybe he should used to it, soon there will be a teenager in the house!
Papa & Nona

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