Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 12 years Love

The weather was very similar as it is today. August on the East Coast is usually humid, overcast and potentially rainy. Today is all of those as was our wedding day 12yrs ago, with just enough pockets of sunshine. It was a great Day, and since that day 12yrs ago we have never been apart on our Anniversary. Actually as I write this our anniversary day is officially over for Rob. That's OK though, that means they will be home in about 56hrs!

Had you asked me on that day 12yrs ago what I thought the future held for us I wouldn't have come up with anything close to what our life looks like today, young naive and idealistic, clouded with the veil of pure newlywed bliss. But I wouldn't change a thing. I'd never wish any of the struggles we have had on anyone, but as I look back on them I wouldn't take them away. Because of them we know who we are, we quickly learned how to lean into each other instead of turning away, and how the strength and weaknesses that we have work together because we are together.

More accurately had you asked me on our 11Th anniversary what the next year would hold; you would have been told a completely different story then the one you read today.

This life is definitely not ours, we(I) limit ourselves by trying to make plans, our plans putting life into whatever techno gadget is hot at the moment and crossing off each day as it comes.

While they wind down their time in Taiwan and prepare for our new life here, I can't wait to see their faces, hugs my daughter and new son, and kiss my husband hello to welcome in the next year.... I can't wait to see whats around the bend.

Happy Anniversary Love, Hurry home.



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Brandee and Rob! What a wonderful and exciting year you have ahead of you!!!


Lynn, Dan, Kaitlyn,Chris, and Megan

Anonymous said...

The highs, lows, stops and starts.
Life, is something to behold, and to share it all with someone you love, Wow! The most wonderful thing about a life together is looking back at
the adventures, memories, achievements and tears. Marriage is a great adventure.

sara said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy adoption day as well. Just makes my heart smile :-) Thanks for the kind words...thinking of you and your family as you're beginning a whole new chapter! I can't wait to see how it unfolds ((Hugs))