Have Visa - Will Travel

Hello again from Taiwan...

This post is a little overdue, but I haven't had much time and the internet has been very spotty for me. Our court date went very well - much different than I expected. Was called to one window to interview with a gentlemen regarding our paperwork. We had previously filled this out and scanned/emailed to Taiwan, so they had used those copies. I just had to sign in a few places and such. Then waited about 20 minutes and was called to another window, where I was interviewed and asked a few basic questions by an American lady. Raised the right-hand to make it official.

Then, Caila and I went back a few hours later and picked up his passport and visa - and that was that! We were officially legal to travel, but we had a few more days on vacation left. Caila got to visit the two landmarks she really wanted to - Tapei 101 (big tower in Taepei) and The Grand Hotel, both of which she loved. I've been dealing with a terrible sinus infection for the past few days, which Chih-Ful had/has a little of too. But I feel much better today as I write this (Monday morning).

So now we are off to a hotel 1 mile from the airport, as we have an 8:45 Tues morning flight out of here. As you all are sleeping on Monday evening, we'll be in the air flying across Russia and Alaska heading for Houston, before getting into Pittsburgh Tuesday evening.

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers - keep em coming - its gonna be a long flight home with our little boy.

See you all state-side.


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