Sunday, August 8, 2010

They have arrived.

and now I can breathe, sort of. They are safely on the ground and that is part 1. Part 2 begins in about 6hrs for them when they start the process of leaving Taipei and heading to Kaohsiung where they will meet our little man for the first time. Right now is when I wish teleportation could truly be a possibility.

The tidbits I can give you from their flight:

Rob does not like "puddle jumpers" or "crop-dusters" or" prop-planes"

In flight entertainment systems will keep your children from ever sleeping on even a 13hr flight, Truly seems to be Cailas favorite part of flying so far.

The Tokyo Airport has a McDonald's- My father in law found that quickly! : )

Not sleeping for 32 hrs may create insomnia(Rob- please pray he is able to be fully rested on hopefully 6 hrs of sleep)

Sleeping for 5-6hrs on the last leg of a long journey can make you punch drunk and also unable to sleep( Caila- as illustrated by the pen in her nose while we skyped)

Gift soaps double bagged can still leak.

Its the strangest feeling to not be there with them.


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