Dear Baby Girl~

It has been a long and blessed 9months. First discovering that you existed, and that I indeed was not dying from one of a list of ailments I had pulled from my nursing school books. Then
the fear of making it beyond where we lost your angel brother. Decisions beyond decisions had to be made that altered the path that we were on, wondering daily if I bent this way or that what the consequence would be. Staying home to keep you growing while Daddy, your big sister Caila, Grammy & Kiby brought home your big brother ( who really isnt quite so big as we realize he doesnt exceed many of the weight limits on your baby things).

Prayers, Tears, Doctors willing and able to listen to our concerns & fears. Friends and family that have put up with us along this not only 9month but decade long journey... and here we are, more pregnant then ever.

We are ready and waiting your arrival ~


Mommy, Daddy, Caila & Chih-fu


Marianne said…
You so beautiful in so many ways!

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