Through a Child's Eyes

Is how I need to remember to view life. Not just through our 5yr old son who is filled with wonderment at well really everything, but also through the eyes of our 11yr old daughter who is in this really confusing am I kid or almost a grown up part of adolescence, and then hopefully any day, really hopefully any minute now through the eyes of a our newborn daughter.

*If I could just get my Parents & Grandmother to move east we would have the entire life cycle covered* No pressure, not even a little, well maybe.... and since you have a new I mean old Governor.... well I'm just sayin'... *

Sorry I got a little off track for a moment....

- Side note- At one point in my life I made the statement " I want to be a middle school teacher because.." I don't remember the reason why, but if you teach between grades 5-9 seriously God Bless You! and I really hope that parents tell you this frequently.

So my prego brain is all over the place... but here is where I was really "heading"....

Sunday night was trick or treat and really for the first time ever we all went together ( thanks to grammy and kiby). Caila was loving the big sister role and I think just enjoying the family time and Chih-fu was full of wonderment and smiles from ear to ear. Every person, every house, every treat he received was proudly shown. The best part is that he only seems to like M&M's and Kit Kats so it really hasn't been a fight to keep the eating to a minimum. The worst part (for me anyway) is that he freely shares his treasures with everyone.
Caila did seem more excited about giving treats to the little ones in the neighborhood this year, which made me a bit sad, however I did inform her that she will indeed be required to dress up until she's at least 16 so I can have pictures of all our kids in costume.... which reminds me, just wait until its time to see Santa this year, and for the next 10, I bet she will looovvveee that one! :)
The one thing that neither Rob or I ever contemplated was the ridiculous amount of candy you end up with when you have multiple children. So I've decided I will become great friends with my nurses next week and we are taking in a bag of chocolate just for them.... on top of bringing them with donuts (thanks to Mike & Nicole's bakery recommendation..) No we are not above bribery to ensure great hospital care!

And yes I did say next week. Unless she appears on her own this weekend we will be induced on Tuesday. Crazy to think where we've come from and now she has to be evicted instead of moving out on her own.
So next Thursday, I will be sitting here with our baby girl, as a family of 5... crazy...


ps.. I'm hoping to add some pictures tonight... but no promises!


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