Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life in the mancave, version 2011.

Its Crazy here, loud, chaotic, stressful. And I'm loving every minute of it, well most of them anyway. I would on somedays go back to Mojave desert and wake to a rattlesnake in our garage, then wake a 12year old for school. But like I said I'm loving life as a mom of three, except for maybe that one moment monday-friday.

Puberty - Preschool & Pampers - Thats our life.

Puberty- hmmm... as mentioned above we have entered the twilight zone of sleep, and her teacher just informed me that my biggest concern for her going to middle school next year is her beauty because boys are noticing her.... The NRA sticker for my car should arrive any day now...

Preschool- Well sort of... Kaden- or Chih Fu Kaden as he likes to be called now- will start Kindergarten in the next weeks. This will be his version of Preschool as he will be doing a full year of Kindergarten next fall. He is somewhat excited, I am scared to death. Communication with our son is growing leaps and bounds friends are commenting frequently how clear his english is becoming, which is fantastic for nearly 6months. However I fear that he holds his feelings in and isn't quite able to express those yet and that he is bottling them up so yet another change for him could be stressful for our little man. Most moms' get 5yrs to prepare to send the kiddos to that first day. We've had 6 months, I hope he knows how much we love him.

and finally.....

Pampers - Size 1's to be exact. Our little peanut is growing. How much? Not quite sure her 2month check is tomorrow, My guess is around 10lbs and 21inches. She's smiling quite a bit and making adorable noises.

Its crazy how much one family can change in a year. I can't wait to see where this year takes us...



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