Monday, March 21, 2011

What is this blog about anyway?

Trying to decide what this blog is about is sort of like trying to figure out who I am now, or really what kind of Mom I am now.

The blogging journey has taken me from infertile mother, to grieving mother, to adoptive mother, to new mother, not to mention mother to a nearly teenager.

My attempt at blogging began nearly 4 years ago when we were pregnant with Carter. Then when we seemingly closed the door on biology and depart on our adoption journey I came here. In the midst of all of that was nursing school and my subsequent withdrawal, a high risk pregnancy, and a stressful adoption. So here we are standing on the other side of all of that and I ask myself - "Who are you now?"

I'm not sure I'll really ever be able to fully answer that question, but I don't really want too, I hope to keep learning and growing. Hopefully I brought a little bit of all of those parts of me along and it will make for a better me, a better Mom, Wife, daughter and friend.

One thing I am sure of is my focus. I have spent the better part of the last decade trying to figure out what kind of job I want to have outside of our home, and although I'd like to think I'll get back to nursing school one day, for now that's on the back burner.

The goal now is to be home, for my kids, for my husband, and really honestly for me. But really who am I kidding?, It's 2011 and the world seems to be on fire so hopefully I'll find a way to make a contribution or at least find ways to save money in the process... or maybe you'll just listen to me ramble...

So for now I'll say goodnight, although I'm not sure how good, the original princess swears there are stinkbugs in her room, and they are nowhere to be found, so sleep is pretty far off.



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