Friday, October 7, 2011

.....till I"m one hundred mommy?

This blog has fallen not just way down on the priority list, but at this point completely of the list all together. I love to write just trying to find the time is somewhat of a challenge. Maybe if I had an i something laying next to my bed at night I would magically find the time..... hmmm hint hint, Christmas is coming.

Today though I had to squeeze in a moment between loads of laundry and a sleeping baby to let you all in on our celebration from yesterday. (photos not included- yet)

We are done. With meetings, paperwork, clearances, tax forms(Fyi- if you or someone you know might ever be interested in adoptiong- KEEP EVERYTING!). We just get to be us, a family. And although Kaden has been ours for the last 15months. He is no longer a permanent resident with an id card. He is an American Citizen with a US birth certificate.

Yesterday we went to Adoption Court. We promised to love, protect, mold and give him a moral compass. Rob and I had to raise our right hands and swear to do these things which we would do even if no one had asked us.

Perhaps my favorite part of the day was when our Attorney asked if Kaden was present and with all that he has learned in Kindergarten this year he stretched his arm up so high and with the biggest smile said "here I am".

Late last night as Caila has always done, and Kaden now does, and I suspect Sofie will someday do as well, Kaden asked my why we raised our hands. I told him that Daddy and I promised to love him for one hundred years, and to teach him to be good to himself and others. And then we went along with our normal bedtime routine.
Rob was picking up Caila from soccer so Sofie gave kisses and hugs (more like slobber & smacks) and I gave him kisses and hugs having moved on from the conversation of what had happened today and we began talking about what we would do tomorrow. Then one last kiss and I turned out his light.... Kaden rolled on his side said goodnight and I could almost hear his thoughtful pause.....

.... "Till I'm one hundred Mommy?"

how do these kids know how to get the tears more then any made for tv movie?

" Yes buddy, till your one hundred!" One last hug and out the door I went.....

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