A Rambling 30something,politics and P90X

Having just returned from a trip west to visit my family, and 3kids adjusting to time change and severe shift in weather from west to east, I really haven't paid much attention to politics. So this morning as I was dragging myself from bed to hang with a rather restless 21month old while everyone else snored away, I stole a few minutes before request for Elmo began to watch a little news.

Enter Paul Ryan, of course I know of him, you can't follow politics no matter your lean and not have heard his name. But I really didn't know anything about him, so I went to the very trusty source of  Wikipedia, and also came across another favorite, Politico. Both had one common bit of information about Mr. Ryan that I truly find telling about his personality.


Not a swanky gym on capitol hill or in his hometown, an at homework out program that requires minimal equipment and gives you maximum results! Its even noted that he leads group workout for a group of Capitol hill staffers.

Its good enough for me a soccer mom, and potentially the next Vice President of the United States, is it good enough for you? 


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