Ahhh, Routine, sigh..sniff, sniff...

Tomorrow is the last full day of fun, before we are completely back to the grind of school. Sports schedules are in full swing. The fridge is stocked, backpacks are full of all the fun school supplies. ( Confession, I think I enjoy supply shopping more then the kids, and based on the drawer of pens and pencils my parents still have pretty sure they did too!)

This year it is so very bittersweet. For C this will be the last year it doesn't count. Meaning 8th grade. After this year what happens will follow her forever. OK, too deep sorry. I just want her to have a great year.

K- its a big year for him. 1st grade. All day, lunch.at.school.  At one point in C's elementary school career there was a Pb&j stuck to the ceiling of the Cafeteria. I always wondered how it got there. Now being the mother of a son. I no longer wonder, I think I will just sit by my phone through lunch hour waiting for the call. Lunch ladies and I will become best friends, I better stock up on school staff Christmas gifts right now.  This is just my mommy fear. In reality, having not been my first rodeo as a mom, (not sure why I just said that) I know our children sit still better for others then they do for us. I guess for me with K I just don't feel like I've had enough time, its been 2yrs yes, but S is closing in on 2 and I'm not sending her to school for 6hrs day, that wouldn't be right. So it just doesn't seem fair that after just 2 yrs his world will no longer revolve around me his Mother, and it should, right?  So when you hear crying, no probably more accurately wailing this Tuesday morning at 8:25 est, that will be me.  Watching our little man pull away on a bus, needing me just a little bit less.

And then there is S- being that our family is blended in such a unique and blessed way S is the common denominator that really brought everyone together. She loves C in a way that I would imagine all little sisters love their big sister. But K is her buddy, her playmate, and on Tuesday after all that we have been through to get to our crazy amazing family, It'll be just me and S at home throughout the day, back to just one at home. It seems strange.  Don't get me wrong, I know we are blessed, even when its a stressed out kinda day. But I know I'm gonna blink and the time will be gone, and right now I'm just kinda wishing I could bottle it, freeze it and make it stand still so they all stay just where they are, for just a little bit longer.

Happy Almost First day of School..... Pictures I'm sure will follow in a few days....




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