Thankfulness Journal Day # 9

Day 9:

I will be honest I haven't been writing everyday, I have thought of something everyday and taken a moment to reflect on those things. It seems that I have been relating everything to the number of the day of this Thankful month of November, so today seems most appropriate.

The 9th, Part #1 I am thankful that on the 9th of March 2005 half a world away Kaden's birthmother made a plan, and that we became part of that plan. Her choice was not just as simple as making a plan for her baby, siblings were created and a family was grown.
 Its National adoption month, if its ever been on your heart, please take the time to follow it through, in the end it may not be the plan for your family but you will know the answers to the questions nagging at your heart.

Plans. I am thankful that HE has plans bigger then we can ever dream, that the words we speak get ignored, because on the 9th of November 2yrs ago Sofie Louise was born. Our tiny sleepless baby, is now a crazy funny toddler. She is the glue that binds her siblings together, a dress up baby doll for Caila, the teenage sister, and a rough and tumble playmate for Kaden her always on the go brother.

So on day Nine I am Thankful that the plans I thought were best for our lives fell through and something better was on the horizon. Because even though I sit here writing this in a room full of boxes and we have no idea where we are moving, its OK because we are family and that's pretty freaking awesome!

Happy Birthday Sofie Louise!


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