Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yummy but gross...

So I was feeling experimental yesterday. Two if my three kids are being very fussy about vegetables. My mom mentioned disguising them but in my mind that a casserole and when trying to eat clean I'm struggling to adapt them in a way the kids like. So I thought pasta sauce, which has alwYs been clean in our house I'm part Italian, I remember watching my Noni make sauce, she made it seem simple so I've always done that. So then I thought well what about a spinach pesto tomatoe sauce. So into the blender went 2lbs of fresh spinach, tomatoes sauce evoo and seasoning. The taste? Fantastic! The color? Ya umm not so much.... A little bit like baby puke.... Sigh, so the kids at it with some prompting, try try again.

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