21 days No coffee? Could? Would you?

Yes I hear you, and you and especially you my dear coffee loving friend.

You are all saying:


                                      ARE YOU SICK?


I'll leave you all to answer the first, the second no, and Honestly I'm not sure I want to, but I'm game to try. I don't consider myself addicted to caffeine at this point, definitely a few years ago I was but since Beachbody became a way life I am at 2 cups in the morning and on some very cold days maybe one more in the afternoon. However I do love my coffee its a social event for me, as is wine which I also won't be drinking for the next 21days.

What's that noise you say? That would be my BFF's saying they have no use for me for the next 3 wks. No coffee, no wine? No life... lol... I'm quite certain you heard them from whatever part of the world you may be in.

For what reason you ask next?

The Beachbody 21day Ultimate Reset. Starting on Monday for the next 21 days reseting my body. s

What it is:  Focusing on healthy real food with simple ingredients, oh and in the first week eliminating meat and dairy.

What it isn't: 21 days spent worshiping the porcelain throne.

I did a little grocery shopping today for some of the first weeks meals and I was quite excited to realize that we had a lot of what I would need on hand. There are some great
recipes for dressing that my friends that have already gone through the reset have raved about and it brought me back to our newly married days when I put the time and effort into making everything "from scratch". The best part is that I have these great beer, I mean dressing bottles that somehow made their way into my suitcase on our last trip home.

I'll be blogging every few days during my normal coffee time so I invite you all to follow along on the journey!


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