Death by snacking....

So I survived, the first day anyway. Didn't get a pounding headache from the lack of caffeine just a dull fog that left me feeling a little like I never woke up.

Two things I realized today:

1. Pretty sure my stomach issues are coffee and dairy related which I sorta figured but one day without both and I haven't had any.

2. I am a mindless snicker. I don't walk around looking for food all day but with 5 people there is always a reason to be in the kitchen. As I was making a very conscious effort to eat exactly according to the meal plan today I literally screamed at myself as I was getting S her afternoon "marsh E no" snack and I proceeded to pop a few in my mouth the were spat out quickly but I caught myself doing this a few times the rest of the day while cooking dinner and preparing things for the rest if the week.

Overall not a bad day, I am tired and probably won't make it till 11 which is dearly for me, but I suspect tomorrow a coffee withdrawal may be a bit wicked.

Oh you probably want to talk food. I ate a lot. Scrambled eggs wheat toast and spinach for breakfast l, a huge micro green salad with homemade dressing I will call yummy goodness of course tropical vegan shakeology for my mid afternoon snack and salmon, spinach and boiled potatoes for dinner. I did make chicken for my non fish lovers but other them that we all has the same meals other then lunch.
That's a wrap on day 1 !

Check back tomorrow night!



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