Thursday, February 28, 2013

On my way...

Out of the caffeine withdrawal. I think. Now I'm onto the workout withdrawal, so I went to the Y yesterday on day 3 and today on day 4. During the cleanse it is recommended to take three 20minute brisk walks a day. Which I would love! Except its The last day of February in Western Pennsylvania and its snowing. So no outdoor walking for me. So I walked at the Y for about 30 minutes yesterday, and about an hour today.

Side note-  Walking as a family is something we started doing together when we first moved to PA.  Then I met one of my BFF's and she introduced me to the world of power walking, up some very large hills in  our old neighborhood. (Sounds strange to type that we only moved 2 months ago) It became a way to get our exercise in and catch up, so if you have 20 minutes and it isn't a blizzard where you are grab a friend, or better yet grab a neighbor you don't know very well you never know maybe they will be your best friend!

End Side note.

I feel a little less sluggish and the coffee fade headache is gone. Yesterday's food was oh so yummy! Homemade dressing I have missed you, I promise to never leave you again, for real, I promise.
Also we have been doing this for awhile, but it was part of last nights dinner, homemade guacamole, why on earth is there a market for stores to carry guacamole, it literally takes 90 seconds to make. If you have kids make them do it no knives required, smash the avocado, squish the tomatoes and rip apart the onions into little pieces throw in a bowl and stir. The end. Why do we pay $10 a jar for this ???
Today was a gorgeous plate of fruit, yogurt and toast for breakfast, again this is a cleanse right? For lunch I had some of the rice and beans and guacamole  from last nights dinner. Not sure what I'm doing for tonight's dinner yet, I'm trying to incorporate all the meals into things that my family will also eat so I'm still debating on which one to feed them tonight!


I was able to stay awake until a more normal time, for me anyway, which makes me feel like I actually accomplish something in a day. And even better is that S asked me for a nap today, to which I responded what did you say???? So right now I'm getting much accomplished in a very quiet house so I best stop writing for the day so that I can get some sleep tonight!

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