Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Day 2- I need a nap and I miss coffee. But the food ? Amazing? Oatmeal and Greek yogurt for breakfast with blueberries uh- yum! I wasn't even hungry for lunch when the time came but It was sooo yummy! Kalamata olives on a cleanse? Dinner was supposed to be black beans and brown rice corn tortilla tacos, R isn't home tonight so I moved it to the vegan sushi night because the kids love it!
I didn't feel as foggy today but I added in green tea decaf, but even decaf has a but of caffeine and my head definately appreciated the small amount. I'm sitting here with a mound of work to accomplish but my eyes are shutting, last night I zonked before the teenager. The fatigue is supposed to pass in a few days I'm not gonna lie I'm excited for that part to come because tired makes me cranky and no fun.

Tomorrow will be another yummy food day I can't wait to see my 21 day results because the food is amazing not sure how I'm going to lose weight!

Ttfn -


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