Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4 days and counting, & a little help for my friend!

The countdown is more because I am anxious to weigh and measure, and I have vowed to stay off the scale until Monday morning.  I really was supposed to stay off it the entire 21 days and concentrate on just feeling good and enjoying the transformation. But I am a numbers girl, something I am desperately working on, trying to focus more on NSV- Non. Scale.Victories- like how long I can hold a plank, or how many burpees I can do without screaming about how much I hate burpees! Or a more simple goal such as pants feeling like they have a bit more room or your rings feeling a little looser.

Which over the last 2.5 weeks have included-

No Coffee- not one drop -

Sleep- I have been getting some- the past midnight bedtime has only happened a few times. This is huge for our house. Now if I could just convince Mr. Mancave to do the same, hmmmm..

Cooking and Meal Planning- For the last 17 days I have cooked something different everyday. Although the Teenager declared last night that it seems we were eating a lot of the same. Hmm...

Energy- The natural energy I have experienced has been amazing! Not because of a caffeine buzz or a sugar rush.

That is all for my update tonight, but if you are looking for more dinner ideas I ask you to head over to my friends blog, the busy mom's recipe box . Look around for some great recipe ideas and enter her cookbook giveaway!

For now I'm off to search for picturesa of tropical islands as there is white stuff falling from the sky again!

Nighty Night!


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