My favorite Shaun T phrase from Insanity! There are a few other words in there as well, but Bananas = crazy= Insanity = Insane but oh such a good sweat!

Insanity has been part of my home workout collection for nearly  1.5yrs, it was the first hardcore workout that I attempted post high risk modified bed rest pregnancy. One word = Insane! attempting....that. We went to the zoo when I was about 8 months pregnant and I had to be pushed in a wheelchair that day, and a year later, with no slow build up in may cardio I thought insanity was a good idea.

Have you seen the commercial where the mom is eating a French fry and the baby bops her in the head? Ya I needed that. The only thing that I accomplished in 60 days was getting frustrated and feeling like I would never get back to my former fitness level, let alone surpass it!

Today though, I pushed hard, was drenched in sweat and my form was good and even though it was 45minutes of Plyo because I was paying attention to my form and now I know what I'm doing I can feel my abs got a workout today without a single crunch, not to mention my legs!

This is why I do what I do. To motivate, help and support you in finding the workout & nutrition plan that will allow you to have the most success. I won't suggest my Dad who struggles with arthritis and pack pain join my in doing insanity, or the new mother with other children at home and only short bursts of time do P90x, just because it was my favorite. Its all about small movements toward your goal when you see yourself being successful you are more likely to achieve your long term goals.

And that is really why I do this, its all about you working towards your goals, health, fitness or otherwise.

Tomorrow I'll update you on my 2 week progress since the reset, for now I'm off to hunt a groundhog in this most recent layer of snow!

TTFN (bet you cant guess what we are watching this morning!)



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