Friday, March 8, 2013

Day ??? who cares I'm hungry!

Not because of the Reset, the reset perfectly portions food and gives you snack options if you need them. I'm starving, well I was starving yesterday, because I didn't plan.

Lets face it planning is the biggest obstacle in anybody's  quest for good health. Spouse, kids, work, family, friends. We want to be everywhere and everything to everybody. Leaving us to sabotage our good progress.

Our freezer decided it needed it a checkup yesterday and like any good repair service its a 2 hour window. We use a great company and when they gave me the time slot they even told me it should be later rather then sooner. So I squeezed everything I could into the early part of the day still thinking i had time to do other things around the house when we returned.

OOPS!!!!!!!! Prompt fair service awesome! But not for my stomach. He was working on the Fridge so I couldn't really get into it so I opted to switch my Shakeology snack for my lunch. Which was good for the immediate hunger but not in the long term. The afternoon was jam packed and i ended up grabbing a handful of the puffy popcorn my kids love ( I do still let them snack if you wondered.)

Thankfully I managed to get the Hearty Vegetable Miso soup made for dinner and it was Awesome! K had 3 bowls! I finished up the day with my green tea.

I will admit I woke up pretty freakin' hungry. Took my supplements ate my yummy fruit plate and am now drinking my green tea!

The rest of the weekend will be a challenge. I'll be out most of the day today so I will pack my shakeology and snacks. Miso soup at home for a quick dinner, then out shopping with Mr Mancave. Tomorrow is K man's birthday! Family coming in to celebrate and then a friend party at the bounce place tomorrow night. Birthday cake I can avoid, so I'm all good there not sure what I'm going to do eating out but I'm 10 days from completion and  I will not sabotage all my hard work again!  

Thanks for following along!

Wish you all a safe healthy weekend~


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